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Technical Data

  • Obsolete Documents
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    What’s Inside This Page For Obsolete Documents Obsolete products and procedures are inevitable to come across when you are creating custom products from multiple materials for over 50 years. …
  • Certificates
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    What’s Inside This Page For Certificates Zippertubing is dedicated to excellence and we take all of the necessary steps to follow those protocols. As an ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 9001 certified …
  • ZipperTubing Suppliers
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    What’s Inside This Page For Suppliers: Supplier information you need to be a quality component supplier of Zippertubing. You will also find helpful documents such as Routing Guides and a full …
  • Glossary of Terms
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    (ID)Inner Diameter (OD)Outer Diameter Abrasion Aramid Attenuation Bulkhead Conductors Continuity Current Dielectric strength Drain Wire Electromagnetic Electromagnetic shielding EMI Erosion corrosion …
  • Re-Certification of Adhesive Closed Products
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    The Zippertubing Company identifies all products containing pressure-sensitive adhesives with a shelf-life label indicating that the product shall be consumed within one year from the date of …
  • Shelf-Life Recommendations
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    The following information below lists the maximum accepted shelf-life period for Zippertubing products from the date of manufacture when stored at a temperature of 72 ºF (22 ºC), 50 % R.H. and not …
  • National Stock Numbers
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  • How to Inspect Zippertubing Products
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    All Zippertubing Company tubular jacket products have finished dimensional tolerances as shown in Table 1. All tolerances are specified on the individual Zippertubing engineering drawings and …

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